Learning Objectives 

 – Workplace Bullying vs Workplace Harassment 

– Sexual harassment and the Law

– Types of behaviours that constitute sexual harassment and their impact in the workplace

– How to identify, report and resolve workplace incidents of sexual harassment

– The negative impacts of workplace sexual harassment on the workforce

 – Where to go for help and support


Bullying is a serious, complex and growing problem – and it’s not going away by itself. It rears its ugly head every day in workplaces, at schools and on social media platforms. Its perpetrators and victims are everywhere - there is no ‘standard bully’ or ‘typical bully victim’. Bullies and their targets come in every ethnicity, religious affiliation, socioeconomic status and educational background.

This module provides some great tools and tips on how to survive bullying and how to help eradicate it from your workplace.

Bullying awareness

Bullying Awareness is a practical course designed to give employees, managers and business leaders a more complete understanding of workplace bullying: how to prevent it and how best to deal with it when it occurs. It also outlines the harmful effects bullying can have on productivity, staff retention, talent acquisition and employee health.

Manage Bullying

Managing Workplace Bullying is a comprehensive course designed to give managers the skills, strategies and information they need to prevent bullying in the workplace environment, understand its causes and effects and efficiently deal with it when it occurs.